CMW Products With High Quality and Reliability

CMW Products With High Quality and Reliability

The products made by the CMW Foundries group are integral part of the equipments that operate in high risk environments, like for exemple in the sectors of energy, gaz, maritime and offshore, being pivotal to respect the highest standards of quality and riability.

For that, the CMW Foundries, adicionaly to the system of management and quality has the agreement with ISO 9001:2015 and PED 20104/68/EU annex | 4.3 (pieces for the aplication of pressure and steam), betting on the approvation, by the principal entities like Lloyds Register (LR), DNV-GL, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Bureau Veritas (BV), from it's process of producing the foundry's pieces of steel cast and stainless steel.

This approvements guarantee the agreement of the production process and quality control with the standards and regulations on global level.

The Fundição magazine congratulates itself with this recognition, who shows the continuous route of success.

Source: Magazine Fundição APF, Edition #295 - December 2020

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