CMW® History


CMW Foundries is a Portuguese foundry group founded in 1981.

We are specialists in wear resistant technical castings, and we produce sand castings in high alloyed cast iron, steel, stainless steel and nickel based alloys.

We operate three foundries in Portugal, two close to Oporto and one near Lisbon.

With installed capacity to produce 15.000 tons of castings

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CMW In 11 ideas

Since 1981; Steel and alloyed irons foundries; Three production plants in Portugal; 750 Tons of castings per month; 90% of production for exportation; Experience & Technology; Full machined castings; Lot sizes from single casting to large series; Wide range of alloys; From 1kg to 10 tons products; Experts in wear-resistant materials.



CMW® Mission

We are with you.

At CMW we always work for you, providing you with technical support services, product research and development, production capacity and quality assurance of the products supplied.

With an installed production capacity of 10000 tons of parts per year, we produce quality castings up to 11 tons in weight, depending on the metal alloy used. We analyze your wear problem, make a diagnosis and present you the best solution for the manufacture of castings, components of industrial equipment.

We study the most suitable metal alloy for its application, so that the life of the components of your machines is significantly longer, requiring fewer stops and avoiding unnecessary costs. All this with a single objective: to be your partner in solving your specific problems of wear and tear by corrosion or abrasion.

We are your casting partner!

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